What we enjoyed most while working on the task?
We enjoyed and were happy about us finishing the task faster than other groups being the first group to finish touring the Asian Civilisation Museum. After we were done at the Asian Civilisation Museum, we saw many of our schoolmates just finishing their walk along Singapore River and beginning to make their way into the Asian Civilisation Museum.

Challenges we faced:
In the museum, one of the challenges that we faced was the lighting. The lighting in the museum was very dark and at the same time, we could not use flash to take photographs. 

Also, when we needed to read the task in the museum, we could not really see it clearly as it was very dark.

Another challenge we faced in the museum were the tourist. While we were collecting data in the museum, there were big groups of tourists brought by the museum's tour guide. Thus, we could not take pictures and move about as freely as when they were not there. 

One area we could work on better?
We could have done better on understanding the task and finding information we needed. From my point of view, we did not really understand the task and we were just taking pictures we thought we needed and looked nice along Singapore River. Also, in the museum, when we needed to refer to the task to look at what we had to do, we could not really read it clearer and thus could not read what we were supposed to and thus gathered all the information that we were supposed to gather without knowing which one we had to do and which one not to.

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