Thursday, March 22, 2012

Artefacts at ACM

This is the Asian civilisations museum where we conducted out research and where we also gained knowledge about the civilisation that we picked which was on China. These are 3 artefacts that we have chosen to present. 

This is the Long-yan wood Couch bed which is a piece of multi-purpose furniture which was used in traditional chinese households either as a bed or a seat in households. It was made to resemble the pelt of a tiger. The bed is described as stout and heavy, and it is adorned with designs. 

This dish here is the Large Famille Rose Dish (1723-1793). The name of this dish here is derived from the pink enamel. This pink enamel is created by mixing several kinds of enamels together. These new enamels possibly developed from the chinese cloisonné enamel tradition. This method was previously used by the westerners already. 


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